Pharmaceutical Manufacturer or Distributor? We cater to your needs, delivering your products to the hands of consumers.

As a pharmaceutical supplier, you need to ensure your products move in the supply chain as efficiently as possible. Optimal product access cannot be a reality without an effective and capable partner in distribution. And in Indonesia's intricate pharmaceutical landscape, we understand you need a partner that has the knowledge, network, and scale to get your products to the consumers at the right time. We are the leading pharmaceutical distribution company with nearly 40 years of experience operating in the country. We have an extensive network of local partners to boost the access across the archipelago. As of today, our distribution channel spans to include supermarkets, convenience stores, independent pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals, with more than 100 sub-distributors spread out across 24 provinces. Whether through our GDP-certified (Good Distribution Practice) expedition or expedition of your choice, we help deliver your products to consumers securely and on time.

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