Our Story

Founded in the Tanjung Priok Port district of Jakarta in 1982, Manggalla was born with the sole purpose of serving as the distribution arm of Meccaya Pharmaceutical, our primary pharmaceutical manufacturing partner. During the 1980s and 1990s, the demand for Over-the-Counter pharmaceutical products was skyrocketing alongside the nation's booming economy and growing consumer class. International and local pharmaceutical manufacturers rushed to fill the appetite of Indonesia's massive market for health products.

However, they soon found that Indonesia's lack of modern infrastructure throughout the country caused transportation and logistical difficulties in reaching the hands of consumers. Few distribution companies dared to take on the intimidating task of establishing a strong and integrated network to cater to manufacturers; Even fewer companies succeeded in being able to do so. Nevertheless, Manggalla has triumphed these barriers through resilience, adaptability, and efficiency and successfully engineered its own distribution networks reaching consumers in all 5 major islands.

Now after serving and operating in Indonesia for nearly 40 successful years, we are proud to announce that we offer our first-hand expertise and professional services to all players in the field of the pharmaceutical industry as of 2017.