Distinguished Clients, Prospective Clients, and All Interested Parties

It is with great excitement to announce that renovations of the new headquarters has officially begun and will be expected to last for the next 12 weeks.

“Within the old building, Manggalla had quickly reached the limits with respect to energy consumption, sufficiency, and efficiency levels regarding workflow. We were faced with a choice to stay where we were and stand still or to heavily invest in our foundation to remove any restrictions on future growth and to provide ourselves with the flexibility and sustainability to add new capabilities when necessary. Predictably, Manggalla took the latter route.

By taking the latter route, Manggalla acquired a new office and emphasized 3 ideas that is guiding its current renovation.

First we wanted to make sure that the new building housed ideal and optimal working conditions. Manggalla’s most prized assets are its employees. We wished to create an atmosphere that nurtures innovation, encourages productivity, and minimizes avoidable stress.

Second, we wanted an optimal infrastructure to ease and improve our workflow. With all the new additional space, we can now bring all the functional departments and teams under one roof to maximize the efficiency, speed, and quality of our operations. Additionally, we are now able to bring in and house much more top tier talent than ever before.

Third, we wished to minimize our environmental impact. Therefore, the new building will utilize green technology wherever possible.”

Manggalla’s operations are still expected to formally move to the new headquarters by this coming December.

President Director,
Ferry Prakasa