Distinguished Clients, Prospective Clients, and All Interested Parties,

It is with great satisfaction that we announce PT Fajar Mitra Indah as Manggalla’s brand-new national partner. PT Fajar Mitra Indah is the sole franchisee of one of the world-leading retailers, Family Mart, with hundreds of outlets throughout Indonesia. Their experiences have gained them countless partnerships with multinational, national, and local companies. This promising partnership has gone into effect and come to fruition, enabling us to elongate our reach to the customers all over Indonesia and to fulfil their needs for pharmaceutical products.

“We cannot be more pleased to declare that Manggalla’s latest partnership has taken place. We truly wish for the consumers to enjoy their convenient access to our prime products on the corner of every street and for our clients and partners to flourish from the growing demands.”

President Director,
Ferry Prakasa