Distinguished Clients, Prospective Clients, and All Interested Parties,

It is a great honor for us to announce that Manggalla has established a partnership with PT Perintis Pelayanan Paripurna. The new partnership has been put into effect and resulted in our capability to make our products accessible across Century outlets nationwide, allow us to penetrate previously untouched areas, and serve our customers more closely. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Century Healthcare has more than 700 outlets across Indonesia and has been serving the public for decades. Their experience has gained them numerous partnerships and accolades.

“It has been much to our delight to annunciate that Manggalla’s newest partnership has finally actualized. We hope that the consumers can utilize their access to some of our finest products available on the market places currently and for our clients and partners to prosper from the burgeoning demands that are coming in.”

President Director,
Ferry Prakasa.