My Role

I am the President Director of Manggalla and the Executive Board. My work mostly focuses on partnering with our clients to identify weaknesses within their business and to propose solutions for remediation through one of our offerings. In addition to my client-facing role, I also work alongside the Executive Board to discuss and make governing decisions for the entire organization. The nature of my work varies and involves both individual activities such as responding to client queries and reviewing company proposals and larger team projects such as showcasing our offerings to potential clients.

What brings me the most joy in working here at Manggalla is the fact that we have a very diverse staff. Working alongside these talented individuals challenges my perception and way of thinking and pushes me to consider new approaches for approaching issues and resolving problems.

My Day

I spend the majority of my day on the desk talking to clients through the phone and keeping track of the progress on all the projects within the company. Additionally, I spend a lot of time in meetings both inside and outside the company.

The most challenging part of my job is staying on top of all the new information that presents itself throughout the day. As the President Director, it is imperative for me to keep track of all the details that are present in the company, allowing me to act and lead with confidence based on complete information.

My Thoughts

I got my first experience in the healthcare industry right out of college when I was recruited by Meccaya Pharmaceutical. After spending more than two decades in various other organizations and roles before starting at Manggalla, I can say with confidence that there is no place better, more welcoming, and more challenging than here.

We have very high expectations, and sometimes even I feel the weight of the pressure. However, one of our strengths as a firm is that there are lots of opportunities for feedback, not just from superiors and mentors, but from peers, and subordinates as well. Furthermore, what truly excites me are the moments when one of our people has ideas and discusses them with me and their peers openly no matter what their position is.

We have outstanding people from all over the world, who work to better themselves while reinforcing each other's strengths. At Manggalla, we embody true teamwork.